Flying on a Plane with a Baby!

window seat on the plane

So this summer I plucked up the courage to fly solo with my 4 month old baby girl back to the UK to visit my family and friends. 

My husband is turkish so to get him a VISA to visit the UK is just a longggggg and expensive process that we just couldn’t be bothered with. I decided I would just fly back alone with our daughter as my father hadn’t even met her yet, plus it was Christmas! 1st baby = lots of fuss, lots of GIFTS! 


Flying with a baby really isn’t much to worry about. The hardest part of it all was just having so much stuff to carry! The baby in itself was fine, she just slept and fed and had a little bit of a cry. 

As I boarded the plane I sat by the window with my breastfeeding pillow, all snug in the corner. My little girl is quite tall for a baby so her little legs were hanging over a little onto the passenger next to me but he didn’t seem to mind too much. 

The cabin crew drove me crazy though on the tanoid going through the entire duty free brochure as though we were’nt capable of reading it ourselves. My daughter would be fast asleep then startled and woken up by the stupid tanoid ” We have chanel perfume for just £45.99 PLUS blah blah blah” In a bit of a rage I said “do we really need a running commentry on every page of the brochure!!!!” 

I could see the man sat next to me was getting bored of my daughters cries as he began to rub his eyes and huff. But she barely cried for long to be honest, there were other children running up and down the aisle screaming so she seemed a little angel compared to them. 

Flying with a baby is probably the best time to do it, the younger the better. Toddlers can be a little trickier but as long as you stay calm, are prepared and organised then you will be fine. There’s always people around willing to help if you need it!

I would love to hear how you mummies coped with travelling with a toddler as I will be travelling with her when she’s 1 this August and again at Christmas time! Any tips and tricks????

3 thoughts on “Flying on a Plane with a Baby!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree flying whilst their really young is best. It’s once they can start walking and wanting to get up and about when it gets tricky! The only problem I had though when flying with them young was that they kept catching a cold and would fall ill every time! so many germs floating around on those planes!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi there my tips for travelling with a toddler would be:
    – Try and get a night flight so they will sleep
    – Buy them a new toy or gadget for the plane so it will keep them entertained
    – Bring activities on board such as a colouring book, tablet to play games and watch tv

    I hope this helps! xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    original poster here!!
    A year later, i am about to do this all over again only my daughter will now be 16 months old. God help me! watch out the next post, i have a feeling it’s not going to be as plane sailing as this one (excuse the pun)

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