First Time Mum

Mum holding the feet of her new baby

2015 honestly was the best and most challenging year of my life. The year I grew and birthed another human being, the year I became a mother. Becoming a mother changes something inside you forever – a love so strong and fierce that I never knew existed. You will never love something the way you love your children, from the minute they are placed in your arms, there is nothing but LOVE.

I learnt to see everything as “seasons” and all the hard times will pass, the first three months (the sleepless nights) is possibly the hardest “season” for a lot of new mums I know it was for me, Learning to survive on just 3-4 hours of broken sleep a night. I was lucky to have family around me to help me at this stage to take my son while I showered and slept, having that little break to get some extra sleep clean the house and take a shower helped me to be a better mum, having a happier more patient mum is better for everyone.

Parenting is hard there will be good times and there will be bad times, through it all we know these things won’t last forever. There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to parenting and we just want the best for our children it’s just not that easy sometimes knowing exactly what to do.

Thankfully a lot of amazing mummies are sharing their own stories and helping other mummies along their journeys, So let’s come together and share our stories of becoming a first-time mum and how it changed you.

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