First pregnancy! – worries

I am o.j, 20 years old! 
I am currently having my first pregnancy, and I’m just over 6 weeks gone, I have had a couple of scans (private and one hospital) and everything appears to be ok so far, however I am spot bleeding, very light pink blood almost once or twice every day!! Although the doctors say everything looks fine, I can’t seem to shake the worry or the dread every time I go for a wee that it is going to be a bit more than just spotting this time. 
so I guess I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this or has any tips on how to shake the worry maybe! 

with me being so early on we (me and my OH) haven’t told anyone yet so I don’t really have anyone to talk to other than my OH (who is very supportive and does his best to make me feel better, but we’ve been together over  5 years and I can see that he is also worried as much as he tries to hide it!) 


any tips or comments are welcome, thankyou x 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey O.J
    I’m a Mummy of 3 healthy girls, and it happened to me with my first 2 babies. I went to the hospital (they have an early pregnancy unit at the one I go to) and they did a scan, they said its quite common and normal. Maybe at 10 weeks go for another scan and then at 12 weeks you will have your first scan with the hospital anyway. It may put your mind at rest. Try not too stress, I know its a nerve wracking time. Do you have anyone that you could talk to? I no they say not to tell until 12 weeks, but it always helps to talk! x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi OJ I know its hard not to worry especially with it being your first pregnancy but this can be normal for a lot of us women, my first pregnancy I spotted right from the start of the pregnancy til the day I gave birth to my healthy son. Sometimes our bodies just react different to pregnancys, all the doctors reassured me to all the way through aslong as its not a lot of blood then everything will be just fine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey there, my best friend bled all the way through her pregnancy, sometimes it was even heavier than just spotting. the docs couldnt quite understand what was causing it but they regularly checked her and her baby and everything was fine. However once she hit 37 weeks and the baby was full term and was still bleeding quite heavily, the docs decided it was safer to induce her as they couldn’t work out why she was bleeding. Baby arrived safely and absolutely fine, the labour was a little intense though as she was induced! xx

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