Fertility Clock & The Pressures to Conceive

Mum Holding Her Baby

I wasn’t paranoid about this, but I was definitely curious about the impact of age on fertility. For hours I researched the web for some comprehensive info on the subject but it was really quite hard to find.

I wanted to find some information that would challenge the stigma of “fertility rates drop at 35” or the “fertility clock starts ticking at 27”. As my curiosity grew, I found myself talking with women in their mid to late 30’s, some women who were hitting the peaks of their careers, to discuss their decision to begin trying for a baby.

Many of these women would talk about how these days there is a generation gap with being an older mum – many women are now having babies later than ever before! It’s also incredible how in this generation parenting roles are no longer defined by gender. We are now mixing it up sharing the responsibilities of raising a child, with both men and women discussing with their employer’s about flexible hours in the hope of a more balanced work and family life style.

In today’s reality, 1 in 5 births in the UK are now to a mother of over 35 years of age. We are living longer than ever before; we are healthier than ever before and more physically active than ever before.

What do you guys think? How old is too old?

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2 thoughts on “Fertility Clock & The Pressures to Conceive

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think its so hard to say when is too old because we dont know someones story, so if we seen a 45 year old with a 3 year toddler a lot of people would automatically think “wow shes an old mother” but why should we judge she could of been trying for years and had problems and now she is the perfect mother she dreamed off whatever her age. If that person is ready and has chosen to have a baby then I dont think its ever too old.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is tricky! yes i wouldnt leave things too late if you really want children but i also wouldnt listen to people pressuring you and making you worry that past 35 year olds are doomed – so not true! if you are worried and not yet in the position to have a baby, there is absolutely no harm in fertility testing.

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