Ectopic pregnancy

ectopic pregnancy

I have been on the copper coil for nearly 18 months now I got it fitted just six weeks after my little girl was born. Not sure if we wanted another baby or definitely not in the near future as we have two under 4.

My periods have been a lot heavier than they used to be since having the coil fitted and also lasted a little bit longer 7 to 10 days. I didn’t track my periods anymore since being on the coil as I didn’t have to worry about being pregnant, but the last two weeks I knew my period was late as I usually am due the end of the month.

As the days passed I had spotting and cramps and thought it was the start of my period. However, days later still nothing, then one night all of a sudden as we were putting the Christmas decorations up I had this excruciating pain in my right abdomen that caused me to sit on the floor in a little ball with my legs uptight. 2o minutes later this pain had calmed down a little bit but was still there I take some tablets and got a hot water bottle and put it down to my period is a bit late but now three days later and even no period.

Friday morning I woke up once again with the same excruciating pain I can’t even describe it except I guess it feels like your being stabbed. I went to the toilet, and quite a lot of blood came out in clots. Now I thought here’s my period put a towel on but a couple of hours later no blood again. I thought to myself maybe I should take a test just in case as at this point my boobs starting to tingle and this never happens unless I’m pregnant. Take the test while bleeding and there it is two strong lines, I broke down as I couldn’t quite get over it I was on the coil I thought it was impossible. But now I knew something wasn’t right as the pain and the bleeding I had been experiencing wasn’t normal for a pregnancy.

We went to the emergency room at the hospital, and straight away they did an ultrasound nothing there then did a vaginal ultrasound. An there it was the answer ” there is a black mass on your right Fallopian tube , this is an ectopic pregnancy” Off for more tests for HCG levels etc, there it was, measuring 6 weeks pregnant. Feeling completely lost and heartbroken even tho we were not trying for a baby this still hurt so much, Not yet having any time to get my head around this the doctor said we need to operate asap its life-threatening, having no choice except to go down to the operating room.

Waking up after that operation was the most exhausting thing iv ever felt emotion wise as I thought I had just lost another child even tho it wasn’t planned. Still recovering and still getting my head around this. This was the copper coil that caused my ectopic pregnancy. If anyone else has fallen pregnant on the coil or had an ectopic pregnancy I would be so grateful to hear right now to know Its normal to feel lost entirely . 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is awful I am sorry to hear you had such a hard time. My friend had been trying for a baby for a while and fell pregnant nearly 2 years after she started trying. As she was being monitored by the hospital anyway trying to conceive when they found out she was preganant they did a scan and they seen the embyro in the tube and she got told this was a 90% chance of an ectopic pregnancy. As she had been trying for so long she wanted to wait even tho the doctors didnt agree as it was life threating if it was an ectopic but she waited 2 weeks and went back and the baby was there it just take a little longer to come down the tubes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow what are the chances!! literally 99 percent effective and you are the 1 percent, im so sorry you had to go through this! xx

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