De-stressing as a new mama

Hi there I would love to hear some tips on how you mamas all de-stress. I am half asleep as I am writing this right now because I am so sleep deprived with my 5 week old newborn. 

I’ve been told to talk to my partner as much as possible as he is my greatest ally in this learning period of parenthood. I think handling stress helps a lot when you have someone to rely on for sure. 

I’ve come to realise that sometimes, it’s not about treating stress, but becoming more effective at preventing it altogether. Sure, my baby will always come up with new ways to prompt anxiety and worry but there are situations and triggers I can become more aware of and spot the signs of before it gets out of hand. One way to train and soothe my mind is to rely on meditation apps that guide me through the process and give me those precious minutes of self-reflection and being present in the given moment. I really enjoy the app Headspace it all really helps me to look at the bigger picture when I get stuck in one space that overwhelms me. I also find keeping my feet on the ground taking deep breaths makes me feel grounded and in control again. 

I also find forums really helpful to reach out to other first time moms to get all the hints and tips without the fear of being judged by people you know personally. Like this anonymous mummy blog really!

One thing I know that I am seriously lacking is self care, I never really take any time for myself because I just want to do everything myself. Even when my partner gets up to do a feed I will still lay there awake and will not settle until I can see baby is happy and gone back to sleep. It’s really annoying that I can’t just let go but I am hoping this will change over time as it is all still very new. 

Before having a baby my go to destress would be a bath and a book in bed but I am just far too tired to read now, the minute I read a page I am drifting off into dreamland…

How do you mama’s de-stress??

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a mama of two crazy toddlers who are constantly fighting as they are together 24/7 at the moment with it being lockdown! My way of distressing is having a wine or an alocholic beverage a night and watching a girly film or a series I love nothing to complictated or nothing that is sad, just something that will cheer me up this way I end up going to bed in a better mood which helps with my sleep.

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