Choosing Breast or Formula, or Both

new mum breast feeding

Managing Expectations & Opinions

This was definitely something on my mind before the baby was born as I knew I’d be feeding the baby a lot; I just wasn’t exactly sure how. I thought to myself will it be breast for the first year then finish with formula, formula from day one if there was a problem with being able to breastfeed, or a combination of breast and formula to give myself some flexibility?

To try and make sense of it all I decided to explore all of the facts that would also factor in my new lifestyle as a self-employed working mum. Here are some of the facts I gathered whilst trying to focus in on the fuzzy baby picture:


  • Natural and custom-made with over 100 ingredients that aren’t found in cow’ milk and cannot be synthesized in the lab.
  • Unlike formula the composition changes to the baby’s needs.
  • Easier for newborns to digest leading to better nourishment
  • Soothes the tummy
  • Naturally safe and perfectly prepared straight from the boob
  • Allergy proof
  • Doesn’t stink!
  • Less likely to trigger nappy rash
  • A natural infection fighter as it’s full of antibodies to protect baby
  • Babies are less likely to gain excessive weight
  • Boosts the brain
  • Builds stronger mouths
  • The ultimate convenience food
  • Free feedings with free delivery
  • Quicker postpartum recovery

Formula Feeding

After some research and reading through books it became apparent the facts were in favour with breastfeeding. However I did come across some extra practical perks with formula feeding which would be great for those busy hectic days of working. Here are some of the perks of formula feeding:

  • Baby feels fuller for longer
  • Easy to monitor how much baby has drank
  • More freedom for mummy allowing others to feed baby
  • More time with daddy
  • More options for contraception
  • Freedom to eat and drink what you like
  • Fewer awkward moment for mummies who feel shy to breastfeed in public

How did you decide to feed your baby and what led you to this decision? I’d love to hear your stories and your thoughts on this subject too.

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2 thoughts on “Choosing Breast or Formula, or Both

  1. Anonymous says:

    It makes me so sad that so many people are judgmental , having a child you feel like you can never get anything right no matter what you do. I breastfed for the first 6 weeks with my newborn but he didn’t take to my boobie so onto formula he went and this was the best option for both of us as he was alot more settled than on the boobie. I then got alot of comments from people when i was out asking ” why is he on formula ” ” why are you not breastfeeding” ” they should be on breastmilk only for the first 6 months”. Not having a clue what was going on, people judged and really hurt a new mums feelings. I wish people would BACK OFF and just do what is best for their family and their family only instead of sticking there nosey beaks in other peoples lifes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    go for what you feel is best. obviously its a fact breast is best, but dont pressure yourself if you can’t do it. as long as you try then that’s all that matters! if you choose to formula feed just research on the best ones out there that arent full of arsenic, sugars and fillers. my ped recommended the german formula, holle, its the most organic and closest to breastmilk out there, she is pretty much against all the others! x

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