C-section vs Natural birth Stigmas

Surgical team operating on mother with child

So, where I live you are given the option from the very start to either have a natural or a c-section birth. Pregnant with my first child I have been left so confused as to which birth I should opt for…

I thought I would try talking to other mummies and as a matter of fact, it’s just made the thought process even more confusing and overwhelming 🙁

People would flood in with closed minded comments such as, “yeah, but giving birth naturally is like “proper” giving birth” “natural birth is nature’s way it’s the best way”

I just know that natural is not always best, there are risks too. My mother had an extremely traumatic birth with her second child and was in labour for three days with the baby becoming stuck in the birth canal because he was so large. She had to have the forceps and baby was so stressed it took the doctors a bit of time to get him breathing after birth. The child has since been diagnosed with Autism which they say can be linked to a traumatic birth.

My mum now also suffers with urine incontinence and tells me that if i have the option to have a c-section then I should go for it…

Also, where I live pain relief is not allowed so when I go natural it would literally be NATURAL.. Whilst the idea of an unmedicated birth seems wonderful, is the reality just that? Is it really the safest way for mother and baby?

I’m still so confused, what are your thoughts on a c-section and natural delivery?

5 thoughts on “C-section vs Natural birth Stigmas

  1. Anonymous says:

    everyone will always have their own opinions, when really nobody is entitled unless they have witnessed both type of births. and even then, it’s different for every single person. everyone’s experiences are different some recover quicker, some experience more or less pain. just go with what you heart tells you – mother’s instinct 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a C-section Mumma! And i can say you will forever be judged for anything you do as a mother so just do what you feel is right for you and baby! I healed so quick with my c section and im actually proud of my scar as it is the best reason in the world to have a scar. Birth is just the start of motherhood and as-long as mum and baby are healthy that is all that matters no matter how they entered the world.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I ended up having a c section after a few complications, and I can tell you it definitely is NOT the easy way out! After nearly 20hours of labour most of which on gas and air which did absolutely nothing, it’s defo personal preference with any labour and pain relief etc whatever is safe for mum and baby, that’s the first and only priority
    I won’t lie the recovery is hard, takes a good couple of weeks to feel human again as its not just giving birth but a massive massive operation, it annoys me when some women look down there nose at women who end up having c sections or choose to have them, they are no way easy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have recently just had my little girl via c section due to low amniotic fluid and I cant explain how painful it actually was, this was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. I know a few people who have had c sections but I generally did not think the pain would be anything like this. I feel like I have been knocked over by a speeding car. It has now been 3 weeks since my operation and I am feeling a lot better now but the first few days I couldn’t even walk I found it so so hard to get stand up and going to the toilet was a pain I have never felt before. People think a c section is an easy way out well I can tell you that this 100% not the case. I still cant feel my tummy is this normal?? Has anyone else had a recent c section and would like to chat ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I opted for a c section for my little boy in May (1st baby) and I had such a positive experience. My midwife was on board from the first appointment and understood that ac section was best for me and my baby. When the day came I was nervous of course but everyone was really lovely and I was calm and happy. The operation itself was over quickly and I had skin to skin immediately so I didn’t “Miss out” on that because I didn’t have a natural birth. I was bed bound for the day until the next morning when the catheter came out and then I was up and about straight away. Of course I was sore but it wasn’t bad at all and I healed really well. I could lift my baby out of his cot from the day he was born ( he was 8”9oz) I didn’t feel the operation stopped me doing anything.
    Do your research and do what you feel is right. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your choice.

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