Baby number 2 – What to expect

2 children sitting with their back to camera

Weeks before i gave birth to my second baby I sobbed , I sobbed for hours because i feared i would never love another human as much as i loved my son.

To be honest my head was fucked in the last few weeks of pregnancy all these emotions and feelings running through my head.I was so nervous about what was to come, what to expect , how i would cope being a mother to a two year old and a newborn!

Here are a few tips  I learned from my second baby!

A Crying baby is not the end of the world.

It isn’t necessary to stop mid pee to run to their beckoning call.. let them cry a little.. a few tears never hurt anybody.

A newborn baby is not as delicate as you thought.

Toddlers having ZERO understanding when it comes to the word GENTLE.

If you were never a “Yeller” you are now

You WILL loose your shit, and thats ok!

One kids seems like a walk in the park.

I look back and laugh i ever complained about anything with just the one child.

Most importantly i learnt that i do have absolutely enough room in my heart for two kids. This whole year has been a roller coaster and full of emotions raising a toddler and a baby but 100% worth it. Every day gets better , gets easier. The smiles and the laughs between my two children cannot be described but only as the best feeling in the world.

All you mummies out there you are a lot stronger than you think! if carrying your baby in a car seat and your toddler on your hip doesnt say that then i dont know what will. 




2 thoughts on “Baby number 2 – What to expect

  1. Anonymous says:

    so sweet and how blessed you are to have 2 children! theres always room for more love in your heart even when you think it’s full 🙂 i have 8 children and it amazes me how i can love each and every one the way i do!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you ever feel content ? I have 3 babies and i only ever wanted 2 but i still feel like something is missing a part of me but if i keep having babies will i ever feel content with the amount i have got ? Dont get me wrong i love all my babies so much and they are everything to me i cant explain how i feel i just feel like something is missing and that something is a baby (maybe)? ADVICE PLEASE

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